Up till the early of 2010, Qiaoji Group already got 136 pesticide registration approvals in international markets and had still another 53 pesticide registrations to be approved by foreign authorities.
In the early of 2009, Shanghai Qiaoji International Co., Ltd. opened for business.
On August 16, 2006, Qiaoji Group bought 67,000 M2 of land in Yangkou Chemical Industrial Park (i.e. China Pesticide Industrial Production Park), Rudong County, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China to build "Nantong Qiaoji Pharchem Co., Ltd." to produce pesticide technical grades and other fine chemicals with registration capital USD3,750,000.00 and total investment USD18,750,000.00.
Up till June 30, 2005, Qiaoji Group already finished 65 pesticide registrations in the global pesticide markets and had still about 80 pesticide registrations waiting for approvals in overseas pesticide markets.
The invention patent (No. ZL 02 1 00059.X) for Qiaoji Group's Niclosamide SC (Water Base) was already approved on December 29, 2004, which covers a 20 year protection period.